Can't wait to grow up

September 1, 2007
By Andrea Vidales, Chandler, AZ

You've heard the quotes, you've probably said a few yourself, and you have most likely seen the movie. The Breakfast Club was a hit in the 1980s, and it's still hit today. I remember my favorite quote from the movie, "When you grow up, your heart dies." I thought I would elaborate that quote a little. I feel that there comes a time in every child's life when they can't wait to grow up. Then there is a time when that child begins to grow up, and becomes a teenager. That teenager is shown a world of love, back stabbing, firsts, lasts, and incredible memories that can last a lifetime. Once that teenager becomes an adult, their soul and heart disappears. It happens to the best of us, too. All the parties, the passion, the fights, the late night phone calls, the first time he holds your hand, the last time you got to kiss him, it all dies. It dies because of the stress of being an adult, of doing everything on your own, and you get scared by your age. Most adults believe that young love never existed, when young love is what taught them to love in the first place, and they just happened to loose it. One day I'll become an adult and not appreciate what I appreciated at age fifteen. I'm scared, yes, but I got to grow up someday, right?

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