Is the Internet Really Addicting?

October 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Back when kids didn’t have computers or the internet, they talked to their friends and stayed up to date with the gossip by going to meet their friends at the park or downtown. Now of days, kids sit in front of their computer for hours talking to their friends. One boy who goes by Clay Calamity says on MySpace, when asked about the internet that “It’s addicting” (GUOL). It’s not that the internet is addicting, it’s that the kid has nothing better to do. He doesn’t want to read a book or go outside. He would rather sit in front of his computer and talk to his friends that way. Another boy, Greg, says “You need to have the internet on to talk to your friends cause everybody uses it. It’s like a currency. If you don’t have it, you’re gonna be at the loss,” (GUOL). Kids should want to leave the house to go hang out with their friends. Most kids want to get away from their parents nagging them all the time and staying on the computer doesn’t help that matter. I agree with his mother, Anne Bukata, who says “They’re unwilling to be out of the loop for more than, you know, an hour,” (GUOL). Kids can’t stand to be out of the loop now of days and, to me, that’s like a crime because if the internet was never invented, they wouldn’t have a quick way of communicating. I think the internet helped create all the lazy kids because those who are glued to the internet do not pick up a book, they spend all their free time in their room and not outside or hanging with their friends, and they do not realize what is really going on in the world. The internet is addicting and should just be used as a resource center for schools and as a privilege for kids at home to go on sites like MySpace and Facebook.

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