The Motivation in Being Unconventional

September 27, 2010
By bobreeda BRONZE, Prescott, Arizona
bobreeda BRONZE, Prescott, Arizona
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When trying to exert a particular idea or statement which is conducive to societies change, you certainly shouldn't pursue the desire of being shunned or exiled as a pariah when speaking to a conventional crowd, but if you inevitably approach exclusion from your peers based off of your seemingly abnormal, or rather untraditional opinion, then you should accept such exclusion willingly, instead of attempting to silence your want to pronounce a viable alternative, whether or not it may be promoting an emboldened, audacious approach. Such willingness to omit your point of view can happen when you wish to appease the masses and heighten your reputation through their approval. To a certain extent, a projection of public appeal is important in providing your option. If we abandoned the condition of our outward image in its entirety, such a separate opinion would only be further trampled by the opposing onlooker. No matter how revolutionary or genuine your particular idea may be, eloquence through demonstration of such an idea which acknowledges the opposition's perspective is pivotal in it being accepted upon a greater spectrum of people. However, a nonconformist approach should never be altered or nullified due only to its unconventionality, for such is only done out of brash fear from the masses reaction, fear in choosing unconventional, and perhaps unstable means of progression. If you may be looked upon as a person with a possibly peculiar disposition, one in which you share a desire to provide a separate, wider understanding of an idea or process, then public appeal is a prerequisite for displaying the beliefs in which you advocate in an affable manner. However, if appealing to the masses should result in the alternation of direction in which you support, then you've taken the importance of public appeal too far, and you've resorted to nothing more than a mediocre conformist who is quelled by fear of projecting a separate idea of advancement. When displaying an idea or belief you share a fervent passion for, one that can motivate and inspire you while giving others the incentive to aspire greatness, and that can be displayed in a fashion which applies no direct harm or offense towards dissidents, then pursuit of such an idea should be resolute and undaunted, for even if such an idea may not be implemented as a modernized form of progression, true belief with the deliberate intent of serving society, and a belief which is displayed in awareness of other's, shall aways find respect and thorough notification among people.

When asserting ideas or alternatives, you must also be conscientious in thought and performance when displaying what would come across to be a permissible option. Such an option may consist of anything in resemblance towards improving our modern society, whether it applies towards modifying an educational, lawful, or political system in mankind. Although not every idea or alternative we should conjure up shall succeed in its endeavor in improving society, it is always best to keep a broad, welcoming, yet prudent, outlook of progression for our world, an outlook of a society which can accept a people's open thoughts upon a greater horizon, one that can process such people's thoughts with fastidious judgement in finding what form of movement can feasibly be implemented within and enhance man's society. One that promotes open-thinking and adaptation among human's ideas, instead of restricting those ideas to a traditional advance in progress, a prevalent style which is popular due to the people's distaste and cowardice in changing the conventional course of progression, a course that has been maintained since the dawn of our society. But man's society, in it's current state of destructive, almost primitive habits and associates, has led to no other alternative than to progress differently.

The author's comments:
This is an article I wrote in my endeavor of encouraging unconventional behavior among individuals, and how they should share audacity (in moderation of course) in presentation of what they find to be most conducive to society, whether or not it may be looked upon with a jaundice disposition by others due to its lack of preserving a conventional approach.

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