September 20, 2010
By Joeytheteddy GOLD, Redmond, Washington
Joeytheteddy GOLD, Redmond, Washington
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Sometimes, life throws us curve balls. And it is not our job to watch the pitch, but to swing. better to swing for the fence than to go down looking. you never know, one of these days, you could possibly hit a homerun.

So often we go through life like a museum, We look at the pictures and see how scenes in life make us feel. We laugh, cry, are scared, feel happy. But we don't realize how truly blessed we are in life until the exhibits are gone, and we are left with empty halls and rooms. Wondering where it all went, and how much we miss it, wishing that we could replay each moment over and over and over again. Some galleries of our life we spend looking and examining for hours at a time. So we simple just glance over. Some pictures are scary and we move past the m as quickly as we can while some are pleasant and we wish we could hop into the picture and redo it all over again. Some hall ways are filled with visible faces and statues. Memorable moments and people carved out of stone placed into your mind. With faces that will never fade. We sit in these galleries, talking to our friends, laughing, expressing our emotions and how one painting makes us feel. Then there are other halls were the walls are stripped bare of all tranquility and not even the lights cast a pleasant glow on the faded walls of our minds. Nothing good lies in these moments, even the barrier of security guards, boundaries we place on ourselves, are strong enough to keep even us out of these dimly lit corridors. The worst is the admission fee. We pay to look at past memories. We are filled with a grief as we try to remember all that our lives could and should have been. We wish sometimes to buy the paintings, place them on our walls and gaze at them for a life time. But they are to expensive, to pricey for even its owners, us. Some of our museums sell tickets to all the world to see. We share our minds, ideas, horror stories and heroic moments. Some of us are always in repair, fixing broken pictures, remodeling our lives to be opened again and be able to share all the new things we have gained. And when we leave our museums, they will stand in time and not be shaken. Built on marble for anyone to visit. But the questions is, will anyone visit your museum? You monuments? Or will they just walk on by your building, not even giving second thoughts to what lies inside? So when you museum is complete, make sure to fill it with the astonishing and resounding points of your life. Leave out as many bare halls as possible, and bring in as many visitors as possible. Cause even when the painter may be forgotten, the paintings will always stand the test of time. Lets just hope no one steals them.

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