Macoroni made by maid

September 16, 2010
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Once upon a time, a country called Baghdad It was ruled by the queen called Marry. She was mercifull, honest & sagacious woman. Ye, all knowledges ended with her. One day she is readied to eat the supper made by the servant. When she started to eat the food was untasty and it was half uncooked, she cant’t. She can’t scold or advice the servant, because he was steepy old man. Thou in past he was a famous and excellent cooker. Queen Marry understood about his age. Next day, she announced for a cook maid to her palace. People did some different varieties of food. There’s a big cooking competition among the people . In same country , There’s a village called Hanovel. There’s one in hut a poor woman lived called Rakha. She was well-known cooker in the village and poverty too. No similarities are ended in her house. At same time she heard about queen Marry announcement. Although neighbour people encouraged her to join there, Rakha told, already there hard competition among the people How can I? She refuse, Hey , don’t think of that, try for your target, you reach your goal convinced some people. She accepted to joint that that. She made the food macaroni in different varieties , while in competition queen Marry eating different food did by the people, from now none of the food satisfy to her. When she eat the food did by Rakha. She amused it was different and tasty. At the nest moment moment she appointed as cooker in her palace. Thou queen Marry known at the time that was the cooker Rakha was a poor woman. She came to know that the knowledges. Where ended with the poor people too…

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