Body Talk

September 8, 2010
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How many times have we looked in the mirror and not liked what we saw? How many times have we seen women on TV who are too skinny and thought, “I want be like that?”? Every girl feels this at some point in her life; - many never escape it. But it’s not our bodies that need a makeover, it’s our attitudes. Our mindsets have been programmed with magazines and television with a pathological need to be skinny, when we really need to focus on being healthy. Everyone’s body is different, and it is time for us to start embracing that. Just look at your friends. One might have a tall and long body frame, while another friend may have a short and petite figure. Cookie-cutter waifs are boring, not beautiful. Real beauty is in the details—the differences that make each of us unique. If we all just stop and take time to realize this, then we’ll save ourselves from a lot of stress. And here’s the real shocker-- guy’s don’t care about having a super skinny girlfriend, they want girls who are fit and have curves. They want a girl who’s less consumed with how she looks, and more focused on enjoying life. So stop starving yourself and start appreciating who you are. Next time you look in the mirror, think fit not fat.

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