George Bush

November 29, 2007
Have you ever wonder if George Bush is really a good president? Most adults think that teenagers don't have an opinion about politics but we really do.

I for one I think Bush is a horrible president. I also think he is not very intelligent. The speeches he gives are awful. I also think he has screwed over are country.

He never had a good enough reason for sending the troops to the Middle East but most people thought he did. There are thousands of troops getting killed every day over there and he does not even seem that he cares. I support the troops for wanting to serve our country but I do not support the reason for the war. I think he should just bring all the soldiers home to their families. The Middle East people don’t even want us there that is why they kill our troops. We spend more money for that war then we do for our own countries. I think we should take all the troops out of there and let Sadam Hussane and George Bush fight it out and see who wins.

Do you think Michael Moore is right about Bush? I think he is completely right. I bet you did not know that Osama was at George’s house about two months or so before 9/11. He also had a secret flight for all the Bin Laden back to their country shortly after 9/11. Bush was also sitting in a Florida classroom when the attack happened and he was told when the first plane crashed in the World Trade Center but he did not move and kept reading to the children. Then when he was told about the second plane crashed he still sat there and did not do a thing. I am so happy that he will soon be a president no more.

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