What's Wrong with America?

November 26, 2007
When people hear America, what do they think of? Well the pilgrams and immigrants thought America was "the land of opportunities". Back then yes, it was true. But is that still true to this day? Personaly I feel that America WAS " the land of opportunities". It no longer is though.

See people will always believe that America is the place to be. Is it though? If you can believe it there actually was a time where we all had all our rights, but that is slowly changing as well. These people who want to take "under god" out of the pledge of aligence are crazy. I believe in that saying " If its not broke, then don't fix it". Well the pledge has been the way it is for over 100 years. Don't you think that if there was something wrong with it they would have fixed it by now?

This whole war on terrists, is it absoultley nessecary? No, its not. I feel it's completely insaine. Sending troop after troop over seas just to rebuild a nation. You would think that after 6 years we would see some progress. Men and women die every day tring torebuild a nation. I believe they're dieing because the Iraqie's are tring to tell us something, maybe like get the heck out of here. If we don't get the message soon we may lose all our service men and women. Then what would we do if another country tries to take over America? How are we going to beable to stop them? Will have no protection?

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kiwi12 said...
Jul. 15, 2009 at 5:24 pm
Agreed. Although it is going downhill and every other country hates us, it is by far, better living in than any other place. Think about it.
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