Is it Really Worth it???

November 25, 2007
Lets talk reality. As a teenager sex is something that comes so casually these days, but does that mean we should involve ourselves with it? It seems like everyone is having sex. Teens are so comfortable having sex, its like sex doesn’t require marriage or even a relationship anymore. As a girl it is even harder. Girls fall in love much quicker and attach themselves relationships and are most likely willing to give up a lot more than a boy. I am not saying that boys don’t attach themselves but girls are more likely to fall head over heels than boys. I believe that as a teen our main goal should be anything that will get us further in our lives. Sex surely doesn’t fit into that category. If anything sex will pull us further away from what we really want. Sex has many downfalls and I wont bore you with them all, I am sure your health class covers that. We should be thinking about what we want to be when we grow up, participating in sports, and also looking into colleges, and getting good grades. Sex will twist our minds up. Don’t be discouraged though, if you have had sex, its not to late to fix things and get back on track. Teens have amazing powers that some doubt. At our age we are learning, making many decisions, and we are basically choosing our lifestyle. We shouldn’t mess up our opportunities with sex. Just think about it.

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