August 20, 2010
By , Falls Creek, PA
Experiencing loneliness is the number one feeling that teens experience. Teens have different things that cause this. Once reason is acceptence by peers. Teens will do everything they can just to fit in. In todays world there are computers and cell phones which give teens a way to not have to talk face to face with other people.
A community can cause a teen to feel lonely by the cliques that are formed which will discriminate if you don't have lots of money, you aren't skinny, or if you don't don't have the newest things on the market. In my opinion being lonely and feeling lonely are completely different. The feeling of being lonely is just something that in your head you believe
that there is no one out there that loves you but in fact you have lots of people. Being lonely is something you feel after losing a loved one due to death. Being a teen myself I have felt loneliness. Moving to a new beighborhood and going to a new school were a couple of things that made me feel this way. Moving in to a new neighborhood ment I had to find
someone in the neighborhood that enjoyed things like I did. Starting at a new school was hard because there were lots of new people and new cliques in school. It was hard to find a group of friends to accept me for me. I believe that if parents teach their children that everyone is the same no matter what cloths they were or what types of video games they have,
kids would be more likely to accept everyone.

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