When I Grow Up...

August 7, 2010
What I want to do when I grow up. Mom,Dad,Aunt,Uncle,Grandma,Grandpa, all have that one question to ask you when you go visit them. My answer you ask? "Um A lawyer, or maybe a vetranarian, or a graphic designer,ohh! Maybe a writer!" Now you see the issue with that is you never satisfy them."One answer child" they tell me. But I can't make up my mind. There are soo many careers to choose from! Don't you wish that from day one you knew what you wanted to be for the rest of your life? I do. Pssh, I also wish I could have the same answer for everytime someone asked me what i wanted to be when I grow up. See when you answer this question,you have to think logically-Which pays good money, will that job let you have a social life? Will it be something you enjoy? And if it only fits 2 of thos categorys, its out of the question. But will there ever be that job for you( as a child) would be totaly excited to do and even go through all the hours of school, and that still wouldn't matter, as long as you got that job? I know people who find thier true passion in life, and I ask them how, and they say" I just know" Will what happens if you don't just know?

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