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July 22, 2010
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Somebody introduced this website to me a few weeks ago and ever since I’ve been trying to find something worth writing about to submit to it. I look at the site and see the amount of teens out there so freely able to write full articles and poems with such depth and thought that it would rival anyone of the poets in my English Textbook. TeenInk is a fantastic way for these teens to express themselves and share their experiences through the age old medium of writing, and so many of its members share their deepest feelings and opinions of the world around them.
To everyone who submits work to this site, I commend you, you all show that this generation is much more than just ipods, Xboxes and skinny jeans. There’s clearly a lot of talented young writers out there and TeenInk gives them a platform that they’d never have had before. In my opinion these years are when your mind is most reflective, still young, still learning, getting adjusted to a rapid ever-changing world. Share your experiences, let your opinions be heard, or just have a good old fashioned rant and let it all go! That’s what writing’s all about.

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