June 30, 2010
family....when you think family you think of the ones who are blood related.When i think family i think of the ones i love.You dont have to be blood relatedto be family.The word familt has a much deeper meanting than one thinks..I dont think of family as just liveing and tolerateing people. I think of family as the ones i love,care,and would do eny thing for.The ones id take a bullet for.They are the ones id consider family.They are family and always will be.Some may say that the way i feel describes a friend.To me a friend is someone you see every once in a while.Someone you would talk to about the weather and moveies.but with family you talk to about hopes, dreams ,faith, and love.They are the ones you worship with , the ones you would trust and tell secrets to.They are the ones i consider family and always will.They will always have a place in my heart no matter what.

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