Reaching Your Goals

December 13, 2007
What if everyone tried in life to reach their personal goals? If everyone set goals in their life and pursued them and never gave up until they reached them. One time my papaw told me that “never give up in high school because it’s going to be 4 important years that you need to succeed in.” I belief that setting goals in life and pursuing them leads to success. But one thing that I do not believe in is not pursuing your goals and giving up in life.

One experience that I’ve had doing this is setting a goal to get all A’s on my report cards. But when it came time for report cards I always got B’s on them. So then in high school I told myself that I was going to try harder to reach my goal for all A’s. So I did, then it came time for progress reports in each of my classes and I only had 1 B in geometry. After I saw that I tried harder in geometry to raise that B to an A. Then it came time for mid term grades and I had all A’s. After I got this mid term I was so happy because I finally reached a goal that I had set since 6th grade. This is because I set a goal and never gave up.

But that’s not were I stop. Another goal that I set was being good at archery. When I was in middle school there was an archery team and I wanted to be on it. So I tried out and made the team but at the end of the year I wasn’t the best on the team and I wanted to be. So after that season I tried harder and practiced more shooting. So then in 7th grade I tried out again and made the team. So at the end of the year I wasn’t the best shooter but I was the second best. So that summer before 8th grade I practiced more so that I could become the top shooter on the team. I was so confident that I was going to be the best on the team this year. So when I tried out I made it and at the end of the year I was the best on the team and I was so happy because I finally reached my goal. Another thing that happened that year was I was the top shooter in a regional tournament and killed a record breaking deer. This is because if you stick with something in life for along period of time then you can achieve great things.

This isn’t the end to where I stop. When I was younger I wasn’t good at sports especially football. So I wanted to play on the football team in 6th grade. But I never played in a game on the team it was always the kids who were bigger, stronger, and faster. So in 7th grade I went out for football again and got a starting position because I was bigger, faster and stronger and that made me proud as well as my mom. Since I liked football so much I wanted to play in 8th grade so I did and had a starting spot as tight end. After my 8th grade season I was bigger, faster and stronger which was exactly what I wanted to play football. Now in high school I’m hopefully going to play receiver. This is because I never gave up and kept playing even when it started to get tough and when it hurt.

These are just some stories on how I stuck with my belief statement and how it paid off because of setting those goals and sticking with them. I believe that having goals in life are worth accomplishing. Working harder in school paid off to me since I reached my goal of having all A’s.

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bethanibubbles said...
Jun. 10, 2009 at 12:28 am
I understand how you feel. I am a hard worker. Because of that I have gotten far in my life. Keep inspiring others! This is a big problem with teens.
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