Those Without a Voice

December 18, 2007
By Tiffany Garrison, Lenoir City, TN

When I saw the description for this contest, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. Images of hurt animals, crying for help, came clearly to my mind. Animal cruelty is often on my mind. People say that it will never stop. I realize that through it's hard to accept. It will do my heart good if I can at least stop a few animals from receiving harm that they don't deserve.
What are people thinking when they hurt some poor creature? Does it not break their hearts when they hear yelps or watch them cower in fear? Everybody has heard this said at least once: animals have feelings, too. Physical and feelings.
Let's talk about dog fighting. Dog's are trained to do what they weren't born to. Death is always another fight away. It doesn't seem fair that they should die obeying an owner's command. Most of them never get a real chance at life.
Don't forget those that neglect their pets. They're either lazy or don't care. Pets sometimes go days, weeks without proper care or love. No food, no water, no shelter, no medical care. They must feel abandoned. If a parent did that to their child, people would speak out. Something would be done. The animals need a voice, too.
Maybe you have a beloved family pet. Think about him/her for a while. Would it be cool with you if they didn't eat for a week? What if they were forced to fight for their meal? How would it feel if someone killed your pet for seer enjoyment? It happens to millions of animals everyday.
Too many people turn their back. Too many shrugs their shoulders. I will be a voice for animals in need? Will you?

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