December 17, 2007
“Let’s take some pictures for Myspace!” an innocent girl of perhaps 12 or 13 might say to her closest circle of comrades. That’s where the cliques get intense, the newest circle of who’s in and who’s out. Myspace has the ability to make people famous, such as “Forbidden” and “Tila Tequila” who now has her own show on MTV. Who can get the most friends and the biggest amount of people on your top friends becomes the new competition. Myspace has become the new hot thing, and has taken kids by storm.

Kids have become so obsessed with Myspace and other hot networking sites, which they will go to no lengths to find new and exciting people on these sites. Myspace started out with an age restriction of sixteen, and now has lowered to fourteen, but that still does not stop the wannabe cool kids of the middle school age that want a Myspace. An insane number of pre-pubescent girls are strutting around in the skimpiest, littlest outfits to take pictures in to put on Myspace to attract the attention of older guys. Maybe Myspace is all just an attention thing; that all the people on the site just strive for attention.

Myspace has become the new regulator in who’s cool and who isn’t. If you don’t have the maximum number of people on your top friends, you might as well delete your account. People share their deepest secrets to strangers they don’t know in an attempt to make friends on Myspace. It has become a ridiculous obsession. People will strive to be in the in crowd on Myspace, and will go to no lengths to attempt to get into it. If you have the cool clique name by your name on Myspace, you’re in, congratulations; you are in a cool club on the internet. It means nothing in reality, but to these kids it means everything.

These sites and their members are starting to dictate people’s lives. People go by what happens on the internet, and follow it faithfully. Kids have died because someone wants to be cool so they type in a few mean words to the other person that may have some emotional issues. But hey, Myspace is great, right? People can create whole new identities; they can reinvent themselves to make new friends on the internet. People can seem so innocent that may have lost their innocence at twelve. People can seem too nice when really they are the biggest bully in school. People can become the hot girl on the web because of clothes, makeup, and picture editing. People can now become so fake. This site rules kids. This site has taken over kids lives, and reinvented the way cliques can maneuver and manipulate. Myspace has become a whole new level of fighting for teens.

When do we get to draw the line? When do people realize that their “real” is really fake, and their fake became the new real? When do kids stop living their life on Myspace and start living their life in the real world?

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SaraB. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jul. 19, 2009 at 11:02 pm
Very well written. You are one of the few people who I agree with on this issue. I wrote a similar one called Not My Space. You can read it if you want. :)
morgie7<3 said...
May 31, 2009 at 11:18 pm
i like it. you make a great point about myspace and other social networking sites.
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