I Wish I Were Irish

July 12, 2010
By Anonymous

It's a funny thing that when you bring up the subject of personal backrounds,the Irish heritage is one that excites people the most. People are proud of being Irish-they declare it with a sense of confidence and exaltation. Why is this? Doesn't everyone just love St. Patrick's day, the oppurtunity to wear green, celebrate corn beef and cabbage, and little lepracauns with pots of gold? Maybe it's because if you're Irish you feel relatively "lucky", because of four-leaf clover and such. It's odd how America itself celebrates its Irish culture much more than any other European backrounds. You don't see any Dutch, French, or Italian backrounds widely celebrated. Let's face it. The larger population of Americans are proud to know they're Irish, but don't even know what it means. I admit that I myself need a wee little education on this subject. Us who live in America haven't had much cultural experience or know much of the history. Some of you I'm sure do know about your heritage, and I'm not attempting to shoot down those who don't. I'm just pointing out what I've seen.So, I hope that people who say "I love St. Patrick's Day" know who St. Patrick was. Hopefully,Americans will know the truth about where they came from, and that they all get a chance to see the difference between fake Irish and true Irish. May all see the greeny hillsides oneday and see what it really means to kiss a blarney stone.

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