"Wanted: Young Republicans"

December 6, 2007
By Michael Sale, North Miami Beach, FL

The establishment of groups at my school such as the Young Democrats is a step toward increasing cultural literacy. The goal of the Young Democrats is to, “spread awareness of and involvement in local and national politics with an emphasis on supporting the candidates and values of the Democratic Party,” according to Mr. Melamed, sponsor of the organization. With the introduction of this organization, the question arises of where are the Young Republicans? Since America has a two party system, a Young Republicans group would introduce a dialogue to our school. A Young Republicans organization would nicely contrast the Young Democrats, “A Young Republicans group would certainly help the Young Democrats work toward fulfilling its mission. If and when a Young Republicans group forms, the Young Democrats look forward to debating them on the issues and working with them at spreading the importance of electoral politics,” said Mr. Melamed. Unfortunately, there was little interest among the student body or faculty to start a chapter last year. The existence of the Young Democrats at MCDS is a step towards political awareness on the part of our students, but for there to be true dialogue some members of the MCDS community need to step up to the podium to voice the “right” side of the political spectrum.

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