Realizations of the Stars

July 9, 2010
By Anonymous

A fallen star. It comes out of no where, and it falls through space swiftly and elegantly like a stray basketball that mistakingly comes at you full speed. But this is no basketball. This is a star: a round full orb of burning light that hurts to look at when it is so close to you. This source of light brings out the emotion in people, makes them see things that they had never before seen. The mystery of a star is one that may never be solved. But the mystery of the effect a star has on a person was solved many years ago.
A star. A celestial body. A heavenly body. A small little pocket size sun. This one thing can make a person go wild, or it can calm them. People realize things when they look at stars; it makes them think. They think about life, they make discoveries about themselves, they learn how to live a new life. After their realizations are made the go to bed having them planted deep inside their minds and fully intending to use it in everyday life.
But then morning comes. And it is like the light melts away all of their thoughts and realizations from the night before. They never use these things in their everyday life. It is all forgotten.
Until they see another star.

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