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Americans need to be more careful. They need to start locking their doors. There are some places where you feel safe and sound so you leave your door pretty much open, but someone can break in no matter where you are. People don’t care where you live. If you have nice things, they will break in. I know there are some places where I think I'm safe so I don’t really think about it, but after it goes through my mind I get up and check to see if the doors locked. For example at my grandmother's house I feel much protected.

If people leave their doors unlocked robbers can break in your house. When robbers break-in they can break/steal the residents things. They also might hurt or kill you or your family. If the people who leave they’re doors unlocked have kids, they can be abducted. This is very dangerous. If you leave your door unlocked, it’s just as bad habit. To leave your door unlocked is as bad as to leave it open. People can just walk in the persons house.

I guess I can understand if you are one of the people who like the feeling of community in your house. Even if you do it’s just not safe. Community can be nice, but as well as nice it can also be nasty. Things have changed over the years the world has become more unsafe. The world used more protected. On the news almost everyday. People can hear sirens and missing signs from kids being kidnapped almost everyday if you watch the news. This isn’t just happening in one place it happens everywhere (every state, every city). The people that perform this crime are not always caught. You think “Oh this couldn’t happen to me”, But, think again…That’s what all the other people that their houses get broken into think.

I can’t stress this enough, unlocked doors is very hazardous. It’s dangerous for you and your family. If something like this happens to you or a family member if you have kids they will be extremely scared. If something happens to you or your family, if you get hurt or killed. Your will be very sad if this happens. What if they took your kids think about how sad your family would be, but especially you. Think about how scared your kids would be.

I’m not sure if I’m over exaggerating on this topic or not. But, to me this is extremely important. I might think of it too much because of where I live. I live next to train tracks; there is a tunnel that takes people up to the train tracks also. A lot of strange people walk around there and go on the tracks. I have idea what they’re doing but it really freaks me out. Sometimes there are people there at night and they could break into my house when my family and I are asleep. My dad has told me a few stories when he caught someone trying to break into a car. If people break into cars why wouldn’t they break into my house? Think about it.

I hope the nation will start to lock they’re doors. I don’t want people to get hurt (physically or feelings). If people can do this, there will be fewer break-ins in America I will continue to lock my doors.

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