Ewww Gross

October 26, 2007
People really don’t like public restrooms because they don’t get cleaned as much as the bathroom in their house. People like their bathroom in their house because they clean it so they know how clean it is. Everybody knows that the public rest rooms don’t get cleaned very well or not at all. When I walk into a public restroom, I see floors full of mud, sinks overflowing, water everywhere on the counters, toilets dirtied, toilet paper on the floors, and doors that are smashed up and don’t lock. Therefore, people don’t like to use unless it’s an emergency.
Some nasty public restrooms are school, gas stations, fast food places, porter potties, and clubs. Basically every bathroom is full of germs except the ones at our homes. I’m not saying that our bathrooms are clean because there are germs everywhere no matter how much or hard we clean it. Whenever you wash your hand or brush your teeth you using a sink that problem has nasty germs in it that you can’t see. People can wash their bathrooms everyday or five times a day, but there will always be some germs in his or her bathrooms. That’s why on cleaners it says, “Kills 99.9% or germs” ( it cant say 100% because that’s not true its never all gone).

The kind of things in a bathroom that people may not like is the bacteria. The bacteria builds and builds and no one cleans it so that makes a lot more germs. Germs are really gross and because of the germs spreading there is diseases spreading to people. There are bugs, dirt and odors all around the bathrooms. The dirt and bugs get in there because people leave to door open and things climb in. When people go to the bathroom they kind of make it smells nasty then no one wants to go in there or they will faint. Animals get in the bathrooms if the publicans leave the doors open and then the animals get in the trash and the toilets so it makes it even nastier.

Other things wrong with the public restrooms are No towels, No toilet paper, No soap, and No reffreshers (Fabrezze). Without towels you can’t dry your hands. You’re your going to have to dry them on your shirt and your going to get it all wet. Without soap the people can’t wash their hands. If they don’t wash their hands then they will spread more germs and that’s really unhealthy. Without toilet paper you can’t wipe. If you don’t wipe then you will smell bad for the rest of the day until you take a shower. I, myself like fabrezze because I like smelling good and I like being in places that smell good. Without that refreshers then the room will smell. Without cleaners then the bathrooms will stay dirty and if there dirty them no one will use them so its just taking up space in our world.

How can you fix this nasty restroom problem you ask¿ Well there are a lot of solutions to this. You can do a community service thing and help clean all the bathrooms in your area. Another way is by treating the bathrooms like it’s the bathroom in your house and you want it to stay clean. Another choice is to raise money for the bathrooms, like a donation. One more is to get refreshers so it doesn’t smell bad and leave the door shut so nothing gets in there.

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