How May I Help You?

October 26, 2007
By Janellen O'Connor, Newton, MA

Have you ever asked a question to an employee about an item in the store and got an answer so naïve that you don’t want to go back? Well you’re not alone in this ludicrous world. This situation happens in variety of stores all over the country. Most employees have no clue what they are talking about and then, end up giving you something that you didn’t want. Tons of complaints have been made, but nothing has been done to help the situation.

My opinion is that owners of companies are too busy trying to make customers happy by getting more people to help, that they don’t notice their customers don’t like the employees. Also they don’t care if their employees speak English well or know the store like the back of their hand.

Once I went to McDonalds with my cousin. I ordered a large fries and a medium drink. He ordered a fish patty with no mayonnaise. I got my order correct, but he got two fish patties with mayonnaise. When he went to complain the employee didn’t understand quite what he was saying. So she got the manager to help understand. The manager was as clueless as the employee. We are never going to that McDonalds again. I think that problems are going to come up if managers can’t understand their own customers.

Another thing that could be easily changed is the way the employees sound. Usually they are too happy or sad because today is just not their day, or they hate their job. Sometimes they are too preppy, depressed, grumpy, or they just woke on the wrong side of the bed. Yet with a little personality they could sound just right. This also goes for the people who work in stores and offices. This guy, Brian who works at the Cingular/AT&T headquarters always sounds like a boring teacher (blah blah blah). It’s not as enjoyable to talk with him because he has a very monotone voice.
When I am on the phone with customer service they begin by saying “Hi this is (Company) I am (NAME) how may I help you?” As soon as I ask them a question they say how they are going to put me on hold in the department that I want. I could be on hold for hours and hours and still not get the service that you needed.
Once I asked a question about the internet on my phone, and the person said with every minute I am on line, I have to pay a penny. When I got my phone bill I thought that I got the wrong one by accident, instead of paying fifteen dollars, I had to pay forty-five dollars. My mom called Cingular/ AT&T right away. We talked to Brian and he said, “I told you guys that it would coast one penny for every hundred gigabytes that are used.” My mom convinced him that he didn’t say that and we got thirty dollars taken off the bill.

Returning bought items that I don’t like and want to return is impossible. If I dare try to return something that had been opened or used, I am out of my mind, well that is what an employee thinks, “I’m sorry I have to follow the policies, you can’t return that item.” My nana needed to buy a new telephone with caller ID. So she went to Best Buy and got a new phone. She tried it out for a few days and decided that she didn’t like it. She went to the store to return it and they didn’t let her.

How do you make an employee ideal? Managers should set up classes for the new hiring employees so they can know the store and how it works like the back of their hand, so they won’t send me home with something that doesn’t do the job. Also they should know what they are getting into. Perhaps in the class they decide that the job is not right for them, so they will not end up hating their job in the future. English classes should also be available for those who need to learn more English. Hopefully employees can change their behavior to make their customers satisfied.

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