Getting Money

June 16, 2010
By Anonymous

When you are like 14-16 years old you should think about getting money. Getting a job is a good thing to do like when you want something and your parents can’t buy it but you can. All you got to do is get a job and save the money until you can buy the thing you want. There are lots of different jobs that can pick from. Get a job that you think is good for you. Get a part time job or a summer job. A part time job is a job that you work before school or after school but only a few hours. And a summer job is working at the summer but lots more hours. You need to save the money you get when you work so you will go to the bank and save some money. The bank will charge you to save money there. And the bank will give you interests for keeping your money their too.

The author's comments:
this inspired me to write this article is that i im going to be working soon and teens should too so when they work they know what to do with there life

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