Friends or Foes

June 14, 2010
Dear Best Friend,
If a friend said something to you that was so hurtful it made you cry, would you forgive her? If she said the one think that can break you, would you forgive her? I sat there and looked at her with tears in my eyes and she kept talking. Saying the stuff I thought I would never hear her say...not to me at least. This is a personal thing, this isn't something you joke about, this isn't something you go tell everybody, this isn't something you use as an insult. This is serious. That was hurtful...and the fact you had the nerve to say it in the first place was unbearable. The fact you thought you wouldn't lose all of your friends because of is unreal. The fact you smiled was unhuman. Didn't you care? That I cried, that I was broken? Or did you like my pain? Did you feel power over what you said to me? Do you like feed on a friends misery? And you have the nerve to say that the fact that I got upset over it was my problem, what kind of friend are you? The kind that doesn't care about anybody but her self. Your'e not a friend...your'e a foe. Bye

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