Black History Month

December 3, 2007
By Erin McCarty, Norfolk, VA

This month sounds like a chance to learn about Black History. I believe it's not, I believe America only created Black History Month to make ourselves look like we're not racist when in reality most of America still is. In America we don't have Chinese History Month or Korean History Month and I find it discriminating that we only have a Black History Month. If anyone were to suggest we have a White History Month or a Mexican History Month the public would jump down their throats and accuse them of being racist. I know because my old teachers called me prejudice when I refused to write anything about Black History Month. It makes me so angry that we celebrate Black History but no other races history. Sure some people celebrate the Chinese New Year or the Mexican Day of the Dead but do they get their own month of celebration? You may argue that Black History Month is around because Black people are American but not they're not, they're African-American. America needs to stop being prejudice and start respecting other cultures and other races. Think of the Korean-American's and the Mexican-Americans out there. They don't get their own months of celebration and most of them don't even get the respect they deserve. Most of them are viewed as gang-bangers and violent but a lot of them aren't. They're trying to make their way in the world just like Black people did way back when. I refuse to celebrate Black History Month until other races get the credit they deserve.

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