My American Dream- Counter Society

June 3, 2010
By Reed Power BRONZE, Miller Place, New York
Reed Power BRONZE, Miller Place, New York
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My American dream is, to live a life that flows against the current of society’s status quo. When humans dedicate their entire lives to their society, they are suiting the status quo of that society. Dedicating one’s life to their society means they will live a cyclical bland life, for only temporary gains. I will not dedicate my life to a cycling society. Instead, I will be unique, and dedicate my life to what is eternal.
I will not allow myself to be stuck in a routine career that is dedicated to society. I cannot work in a cubicle, or run a local store because I see no freedom in that way of life. My American dream is to escape society’s cycle. My life is not worth living if it is wasted commuting to a stationary job. Our society expects us to dedicate our lives for temporary gains, such as money. Money cannot stop death. After death, money has no purpose to those who gained it. I will not please society and have a routine, secluded career which gives me nothing more than money. No one’s life should be routine for a profit of only temporary gains.
Temporary gains are not what should be desired in life. Instead, what is eternal should be desired. Other than money, the desire to leave a legacy is another example of temporary gains. It is not my American dream to leave a legacy. Leaving a legacy means nothing to an individual after death. After a few generations, humans and their accomplishments are forgotten as if they had never occurred. The question therefore is what is a human’s purpose? A human’s purpose is to dedicate their life to what is eternal. Eternal means everlasting, and is the only thing that humans can dedicate their lives to even after death. It is however, my American dram to dedicate my life to the one and only eternal entity, God. I need to teach others this, and also show them through example.
Finally, it is my American dream to be unique. I want to show others that they can enjoy life outside of society’s cycle, and dedicate their life to our eternal God. To me, being unique also means being spontaneous, caring, and having a wanderlust. Spontaneity counterattacks society’s cycle, because random actions are the opposite of routine actions. Wanderlust is the desire to travel, and also counter attacks society’s cycle. Seeing the world, allows for travelers to see that humanity is meant for a greater purpose than temporary gains and war. Expressing care towards others will create for a healthier and safer learning environment. Being unique is not an easy credential to maintain, but it is essential in setting an example for others; that is why it is apart of my American dream.
“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” – James Dean

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