The Unknown World

June 3, 2010
By AbbyJune SILVER, Katy, Texas
AbbyJune SILVER, Katy, Texas
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We all have our fears sharks,snakes,spiders, the boogie man, but what about something other than that? Something thats in a whole different world,the spirit world.Ever got a sudden chill? Or that creepy feeling that someone is watching you,when no one is there? That feeling is more than likley a spirit. Should we be afraid of spirits? Why should we,they were once one of us. Alive,walking around,laughing,crying,everything a normal human being would do.Yes there are good and bad spirits, but just like the liveing there are good and bad people. Yeah,yeah,yeah"But ghosts are invisible,the have super powers" Do you actually belive this crap that the media portrays? Not every ghosts is going to make you float above your bed and have you start speaking latin. Most ghosts are here for a reason,and that is to get help. Most of these spirits want to apologize for something they did, or someone they hurt,but is that so spooky? Ever heard dont judge a book by its cover? Thats what we do with spirits. Yes it is a little spooky that the non liveing are still roaming around,but i think before we hide under our sheets at night, and turn on our night lights we should think about how those dead humans, use to be just like one of us, nothing different.

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