Writer's Block

May 28, 2010
By HermioneWriting BRONZE, Austin, Texas
HermioneWriting BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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I have heard about writer’s block. Have I ever experienced it? No. How can someone experience a feeling that never exists? I have never run out of ideas to write about and neither have you. Writing is your inspiration. And if not, then your inspiration is writing.
Can there really be a person out there who has nothing to write about, no opinion on anything, no thoughts, or suggestions, or fears, or happiness? No funny moments, or epiphanies, no laughs with their friends? No ideas, or anger, or passions, or memories? Only one devoid of emotion, life, and soul could have nothing to say.
A human being must have something to think about. We have an amazing organ with synapses and neurons to zap thoughts in and out of the brain. If there was no thought in that brain, the person would just be a body. Nothing would fuel it, nothing would lead it. A brain without thought is like a factory without workers. Still there, but serving no purpose.
I once read a poem that said you have to find poems- under the pillows on the sofa, behind the unused piano, in your wallet. However I disagree with that poem. There are not a finite number of poems in this world. Each poem is like a molecule. They rain down on us in a storm and we get a hurricane of inspiration. Poems beat down on our skin from the rays of the blinding sun. They shelter the ground of the Earth because they are scattered everywhere. They fall from the sky in different quantities every day. Poems are not tangible, and neither is writing. You can’t find writing; you have to think of it. Inspiration will not sit in your desk drawer, waiting for you to pull it out. Writing is the daughter of inspiration and will follow her mother’s ways. You have to create poems and stories and sentences; they won’t let you just find them. You have thoughts therefore you have writing.

The author's comments:
I wanted to inspire people to write and to not let small hurdles block them from creativity.

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