Innocent trips to the mall

May 23, 2010
By ablasi BRONZE, Redwood City, California
ablasi BRONZE, Redwood City, California
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Have you ever gone to the mall to innocently hang out with a friend, or eat lunch, and ended up spending money you shouldn’t? Well I know I’ve made that mistake more than once.
An innocent trip to the mall is going to eat lunch, or walk around with a friend and window shop. It is not buying everything you see when you know you shouldn’t, but every time I make the same mistake. I end up seeing things I like and want to buy. For instance that cute dress I’ve been looking for or make-up I think I need. Malls always get me to buy things I don’t need.
I’ll go to the mall and promise myself I won’t buy anything, but then see something I think I’d like to have. It starts off with me buying a four dollar bracelet from for Forever 21, and then I having to buy earrings to go with the bracelet. After that I realize I need the dress that would match perfectly with the jewelry. It never stops when I go to the malls. No matter what I do I have to leave with something cute and new.
I need to stop and think for a moment about what I’m doing. Do I really need another dress to add to my collection of dresses I already don’t wear? Or more pink eye shadow, when I already have 3 different shades and brands at home?
No, I don’t need any of those things. It’s all completely unnecessary. Malls display hundreds of things that are always new and different. I think I need to get them right away because they won’t have them when I come back, but I have to remember that isn’t true. When I come back they’ll probably still have what I’m looking for. Or if they don’t they’ll have something newer and better for me to buy.

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