texting in class

May 20, 2010
By jordan rogers BRONZE, Monticello, Utah
jordan rogers BRONZE, Monticello, Utah
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My opinion about txting in school. I think that texting in school is pretty pointless, I mean your in school to learn not to text your friends and see whats goin on. When you text in school your distracted and not able to learn as good as you you would with out one. Also when your sitting there in class and someone’s phone goes off and there texting it takes away from learning too.
Sure texting is fun to do and all but your education is far more important then texting. And if you text in class and your teacher see they will take it away and you miight have to pay to get it back or something else like that. Then when you get home you get introuble by your parents for getting your phone taken away and for not paying attention in class.
All im really tryin to say is why text when you can be learning and preparing for a better future? And I know that if ypu just sit around in class all day and text the whole time then you arent going to know anything so you wont get a very good job.

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texting in school is bad

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