Do you have your preffered card?

May 20, 2010
Dear Jewel Customers,
Every day as I punch in, I think to myself "Who will I deal with today?"
A crabby, non-respectful, do nothing himself customer?
Or a customer with a WIC voucher, which takes about 10 minutes to cash out.

As you hand me your items, I don't need to know the prices of them! "This is supposed to be $2/5, and this is supposed to be buy one get one free." THAT IS WHAT THE COMPUTER IS FOR!! When you come into my line, you need to realize that you are not the only person who I have to deal with that day. Sorry for being crabby, but you piss me off.
And when you come into my line-I DON'T CARE WHERE YOUR JEWEL CARD IS!!
"Hello, do you have a Jewel card today?"
"Well you see, the thing is, I just got back from a cruise in the Carribean and when I got home I had to go to the currency exchange and then I went home and switched purses and my Jewel card is in my other purse-do you have a courtesy card?"
Instead of you making up your made up lies becuase either 1. your too lazy to reach into your pocket to get it or 2. you really don't have one, just tell me you don't have it! I would rather wait for my manager to walk over to my register with the card than listen to you blabber for two minutes.

And this is to you; the customers who INSIST on talking on the phone every single time you come in my line. No, don't worry, it's not annoying when you mess up your payment type because your distracted. No, it's not annoying when you don't even make eye contact with me. No, it's not annoying AT ALL when you don't tell me that I'm scanning items that are the next customers because you are not paying attention. I love when you talk on the phone.

Bottom line, I am a human too, not just a cashier. I would enjoy you not being so idiotic and letting me do my job, and give me at least a smile.


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