Body Image and Media

May 18, 2010
By FlorM,. BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
FlorM,. BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Adele, A young 18 year old girl was found dead at her house she had killed herself after being diagnosed with anorexia. Adele, she became depressed due to her weight and looks. Women of all ages not only Adele, enjoy watching celebrities on TV and are astonished by their beauty and how perfect they appear to be. I believe there should be models of all sizes so other women won’t feel negative about themselves. Women go through diets or stop eating to be skinny and attract more people but truth be told you probably won’t end up looking like a celebrity. Everybody has a unique image and you should just let it be. Just be happy with what you were born with. The media is a big part in every woman’s life and women look up to them. Women nowadays are concerned about the way their body image looks due to the celebrities on TV. The media isn’t good because it is making girls feel bad about themselves by showing models that are edited and Photoshopped to look “perfect.”
Models and celebrities are usually always edited in their pictures and TV shows. It’s really rare if the pictures aren’t edited or Photoshopped. They usually have professionals help them with everything: their hair, their make up, their outfits, and their image. Many of them have had surgery. Most of them are not naturally “beautiful” or “perfect” like many people think they are. People are fooled by their beauty on their pictures but most of the time the imperfections they have are always edited. Lots of celebrities have to get a professional’s assistance to look as stunning as they appear to be. According to some reports, about 90% of celebrities have gotten some type of surgery. (
Body image and media can affect women of all ages and all sizes! It can bring women’s self esteem down and make them think less of themselves. Especially teenage girls that are having a rough time trying to develop themselves and when they come across celebrities that look absolutely perfect. They can go through depression because they don’t look a certain way. They can also spend money on unnecessary items such as diet pills and cosmetics.
The body’s image can cause many critical problems to a girl. Like I said before many celebrities have had surgery at some point and to look better women might try to get surgery too but they don’t get it done by professionals. Sometimes because they are really desperate to look pretty, they go to fake plastic surgeons. The girl can be damaged for the rest of their life if they don’t go to a professional plastic surgeon. Some girls believe that killing themselves would be better for them and they actually do it! They feel so bad about not looking like a Barbie that they decide that they would rather not live at all! Some get eating disorders such as anorexia. Many girls accept the mistreatment of others! They believe that all the negativity their peers say is true even if it’s by their own boyfriend!

In conclusion, I believe media has negative impact on body image. Pictures and T.V. shows are always edited to make the actors and models look unnaturally beautiful, which can affect women by making them more depressed, lowering their self esteem, making them paranoid, causing them to develop eating disorders, and possibly even causing them to commit suicide. I think that models shouldn’t all be a size zero, they should be different sizes. The media fools people and makes the audience believe that entertainers are actually as perfect as they appear to be.

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