Stem Cell Research: The Controversy?

May 18, 2010
By braybray15 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
braybray15 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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How would you like to be solving the world's problems and cure or prevent disease? With stem cell research you can! Most people are against stem cell research because they allegedly say that it is immoral, which in other words means that they think it isn’t good because its like playing the role of god. Stem cell research has promised us that it can create a cure for incurable diseases.

By funding the work of stem cell research the scientific workers will be able to save many lives. Saving many lives would be a pro itself. Having to spend tax money would be a con and not all people that are alive are “good” people, this is something that makes people insecure. Insecurity is a really big factor in the United States the levels of insecurity skyrocketed since the nine eleven attack. From that moment people residing in the United States are more hesitant about many things such as their beliefs.

Another benefit of stem cell research would ne that this will improve life for many people not by increasing their wealth but by increasing their health either to a minimum or to a maximum. There are many people that have travelled “all over the world” to find a cure but they haven’t “found” that “right cure.” Workers on the research of stem cells assure us that this will enrich our lives because it will make us healthier and maybe they will or could find a cure to live even more than the average person. People disagree on this because they think that no human is supposed to live “for ever”
This would allow people to live longer and get the “full” benefits of life and to experience more things that other people that weren’t able to live longer haven’t.

Some might say that stem cell research is just a waste of time and money, but if they would really think about it do they know that they waste time and money on unnecessary things? Stem cell research is not something that is a waste of time and money because maybe the least person that expected it has used or been treated with something that has been discovered through stem cell research. Before entering school the parents are asked to see if their children are vaccinated and guess how the vaccinations were made/discovered, that’s right through stem cell research. Therefore it is clear that stem cell research is necessary in many cases, but most people believing that it is not necessary decide to vote against the proposition and therefore leading to many people not being able to be cured or able to go somewhere because of a necessary shot or such thing.

Stem cell research is NECCESARY because of the many reasons that I had “stated” in the past paragraphs. Stem cell research is NECCESARY be funded and supported by the government and this needs to be supported also by the general public. My belief is that you should go tell your congressman that he or she should Represent Arizona and allow stem cell research to be funded in Arizona and to put some effort into trying to get the other states to “change” their beliefs about this and make it NECCESARY to fund stem cell research. This is necessary and this should be taken into consideration by everyone.

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