Controversial Videogames

May 18, 2010
By , Phoenix, AZ
Through time people have blamed everything bad that happens in the world to videogames. Some stuff in videogames is supposed to be played only by teens 17 and older. I disagree because most of the stuff in these videogames goes on around 13 and older year olds everyday in the news or you could see it happening in the streets you live in, so what’s the point of not letting us, 13 and older kids, play those types of games since we’re already exposed to it.

Bad things around the world happen, but videogames have nothing to do with them. Some examples are, in the Grand theft Auto series the character in the game can shoot at cops, blow things up, steal cars, tag on walls and can run over people. The truth is that by playing those games at home has no effect on what you do outside in public, for example you wouldn’t go up to a cop and shoot them then steal a car and run over people or do a drive-by.

Some benefits of playing videogames are that you can play online and meet new people. You can help each other to pass hard games and help each other out. People think that videogames are a waste of time but they’re actually a great way to entertain you. Instead of being getting into fights in the street or being into gangs you can be at home playing at home not causing any trouble.

Not all videogames are bad, some help little kids learn stuff like the alphabet and numbers. Some videogames are based on logic, they make you think and they make you smarter. They make you focus and concentrate so when you’re in the real world you can focus better and not be all dumb.

I think people should stop blaming everything on videogames and should try giving them a try. All teens 13 and older should be able to play games rated “M” for mature. Videogames should be enjoyed by everyone and not be blamed for the stuff that happens in everyday life.

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