Chewing Gum in class

May 18, 2010
Chewing gum in class, good or bad? Every day I see kids just sitting at their desks taking a trying to concentrate on his work, and then a teacher comes by and makes a big deal about such a small situation. “Sebastian, go spit your gum out in the trash can”. This situation interrupts the class and break the concentration of the class, and takes time to get back on task. On my last 2 math tests while chewing gum after lunches I have made 80’s or 90’s. Last week when I didn’t have gum and I had a math quiz I made a 74%. According to research for adults and kids tasks are completed 20% more effectively. Sugar free gum can help cure tooth decay and take away bad breath. For kids with braces it helps them get food out of their teeth after lunch, and for children or even adults with eating disorders doctors recommended chewing gum to take away hunger.
Reasons that teachers do not want gum in classes is because of the mess it makes. Some teachers punish kids by coming to their rooms after school and making them clean gum from under desks. But kids would not put the gum under desks if gum was allowed. When teachers get mad at kids for chewing gum it wastes class time to learn while the teacher gets mad at them for something they are just going to do right as they walk out of the room. I really think mint gum helps me concentrate because of my experiences in math and outside of school. I can concentrate more on movies, reading books, and when people are talking when I’m chewing gum. After meals people eat certain foods they have bad breath, if you not near your house to brush your teeth you can chew a piece of gum and the bad breath is gone.

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