Moral Responsibilities/Standards

May 17, 2010
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In our society today it is a know fact that the moral responsibility of gifted individuals is often divided into two opposing sides. First and for most of all, I feel that people should all be treated the same. Just because you are rich, a celebrity, or an athlete you still have to live life with good morals standards and live every day to become a better person. In my opinion, the same applies to all classes of all race or ethnic backgrounds. Income or social class should not determine how each person chooses to conduct their behavior in private or in public. No matter who you are everyone should live a life of good morals and constantly live each day to improve themselves as a person. Including, supporting their community and work to make the world a better place.
Secondly, if someone chooses to be in the public eye, it is unfair for them to expose the world to their private life and all their flaws. For example, celebrities or athletes walking down the beach get criticized because they have a bad hair day or put on few extra pounds and appear fat if photographed. In addition to people like Tiger Woods shouldn’t be on TMZ or the daily news because he cheated on his wife. Unfortunate society enjoys has grown to enjoy this type of news.
With all of this said, I feel people as teachers, policeman, fireman, and community service helpers should be recognized and make world news. For example, the Tiger Wood scandal and his personal life issues, is not important with all that the world is going through. Yes, some may view this type of scandal as this entertainment; however a majority of people lose focus and worship celebrities and athletes.
In my opinion, it is the public that allows the celebrity, the athlete and the rich to feel they are heroes or above everyone else. It is us; the public that needs to learn that fame or fortune is not what earns a person respect. I feel respect is earned by how you respect others, what you have inside, not how big your house, how shining your car is, your designer cloths or your how fat your wallet is at the time. These things are only material items and in long run have no meaning.
It is a know fact that society tends to only remember the bad in people and quickly forget about the good in people. The bottom is everyone needs to live up to good moral standards.

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