The Way She Feels.

May 17, 2010
By , Bainbridge, OH
I sit there & he looks over at me,my heart stops. I can't think,he looks away. I'm in love with him,he is the only one who knows my secret. I look down and see the scars on my wirst and my eyes water. When we talk he says he cares,but when it's him with his friend,I swear im invisiable. I feel like no one understands me,like I could fall off the face of the earth and it would be as if I never existed. I hate everything about me. My laugh,smile,eyes and body. My friends tell me im pretty,but friends are going to say that weather you are or not. I think ever since the sixth grade when He tried to touch me,I have been affraid. I never told anyone except the person I would trust with my life,they guy that could make me smile at my sadest moment! I don't deserve a friend like him,but for some reaosn god gave him to me and im very greatful for him. There is only one person in my life I can truly trust and I want us to be more than friends. Every other friend I have had has hurt me some way,some how and I feel lost every time someone hurts me. It's like im on the outside looking in. I get made fun of at school and get yelled at,at home and everytime I do,the scars grow. I'm scared for myself,and for him. He told me he did drugs and I couldn't hold back the tears! They poured down like a rain storm,if I lost him,I couldn't survive! My other friends see me upset and they walk away. He see's me and tells me its all okay.
He looks me in the eyes and says one day it will be a happy ending.
Now i'm just waiting for the day I can look him back in they eyes and say "You were right."

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Me123 said...
May 30, 2010 at 2:42 am
I love it.
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