Contradicting the Media

May 19, 2010
Ever since we were young, we were taught to have our own sense of individuality, but as we grew older, we realized we don’t compare to everyone else. Insecurity is one of the biggest problems striking teens today! But, what’s the real problem? The media’s body image hoax!

For years, this media sham has led to low self-esteem, anorexia or eating disorders, and even suicide in multiple men and women under the age of 25! As advertisers strive to convince the public that their body structure is unsuitable, in order to sell their companies products, the media is deciding which celebrity to choose for their next “perfect” enhancement line. “Retouching” (improving or reworking) photos, as seen in magazines, is not beautiful or perfect in any way, and causes more problems than expected! If immense action is not taken to abolish media standards and expectations, we will all soon fall captive of the insecurity trap. Although “beauty is pain”, I believe no one should have to go through that much pain just to fit in, then be left out (again) when the trend changes!

Celebrities are considered to be influential role models, especially to young children under the age of seventeen, but also fall short of “perfection” when pressured by fans, fashion critics, magazine journalists, and even standards set by family members. In order to get passed these “fashion fall-out” scams, we MUST reassure confidence in ourselves by finding a naturally beautiful person who’s not “a plastic mannequin” in terms of society. He or she must not be victims to the peer pressure that often occurs in the real world.
My inspiring outcasts are my mother and sister! They are dedicated to their own sense of style and refuse to let trends push them around! Kat (sister, 21) knows her place, but adds an individual spice to her role, therefore making herself less vulnerable to image attacks in her playful and pretty fashion sense! Aleena (mom, 35) brings out a classy, colorful look that says “bold and professional”, while still raising her self esteem! Both are independent and unaffected by snide comments made, by having assurance about their unique style. Although they may be considered “plus sized” in model/media terms, they reassure themselves with snazzy outfits and key points such as:
“I am this one, tiny person in this huge world, does it matter?”
“If others don’t accept me as I am, I’ll only put myself through more pain based off one person’s opinion.”
“If I can approve of myself, as I am, I won’t depend on others for support, therefore resulting in self confidence and ignorance to put-downs!”

These terms can be life changing for you and others who see you as influential. If you put these words into practice everyday, it will begin to take a place in your memory, therefore causing you to have more self confidence! “Striking your own sense of style” is not lame if you are comfortable in putting yourself out there for unruly judgment. Don’t let insecurity remain a big issue that leads to lifetime problems, because although, the biggest percentage is reported in women and teens, insecurity affects everyone! Break the “never ending cycle” of distortion and prove your unique style for individuality!

“For good and evil, man is a free creative spirit. This produces the very queer world we live in, a world in continuous creation and therefore continuous change and insecurity.”

Joyce Cary

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