Gay rights

May 7, 2010
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Gay people are just like everyone else. They have two legs, arms, ears, eyes. They all look like everyone else, so why can't you accept them like you do a person of a different race? I believe the only difference is that they like the sax sex.

Most people never think about how much it hurts a person when you make fun of them for being gay or different. Almost half of all the suicide cases are committed because of the people that do not accept them. The Universal Almanac listed a total of 4,960 completed suicides among US youth aged 15 to 24 years of age in 1993.The true numbers are probably a lot higher because many deaths categorized as accidents are really suicides. According to the Universal Almanac over half of the gay people who commit suicide ages ranging from 15 to 24 kill themselves because of the stress and depression caused by the people who chose not to accept them. You may think that being gay is some thing chose but not always do they chose. For example my uncle has known he was gay since he was young. He told me ''I was at school one day and noticed that all the other boys were saying how cute the other girls were, I didn't understand I had no attraction to them at all. Another example a friend of my mother's, every relationship she had with a man was physically and mentally abusive. Now she choses to stay away from men and be with women to keep away from the pain caused by the men before.

I believe that if you get to know the person inside you like them for their personality not there choice of sex they want to be with or never liked. The best and only example of this is my father, he was best friends with his adopted brother and then he ''came out of the closet'', now because of knowing him for who he truly is as a person has helped my dad to accept that yes some people different and yes we should all accept that.

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