The Dark Side

May 6, 2010
By sweetiecow BRONZE, Ramsey, New Jersey
sweetiecow BRONZE, Ramsey, New Jersey
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Scared by the picture of that bloody rose? Or do you enjoy those dark, ominous sides of things? Yeah, I do love the blackened side. Creepy thing is, I'm still me, all bubbly and cheery. Let me guess, you paused for a second there and read it twice. Yep, that's what I thought.

I love the brighter side of things because if you're cheery, well, obviously, you're having an awesome time, enjoying life slowly as time ticks on by. Being depressed and dopey means that you aren't happy with life and want to get it over with. Some might heal their hearts over time. Some never do and end up as one of those suicide-crazy people jumping off the Empire State Building (theoretically, since I think security guards will restrain them). Being happy is pretty much the ultimate goal in your life. Probably not caring about some things that will make you feel down, you continue on with your life as if the darker side never had an effect, except those rare occasions.

A blackened look at things reveal the truth. Not everyone leads happy lives. War, destruction, and hate surrounds us whether we want it or not. Some choose to pretend it doesn't exist, like the majority of the people in the world. Others have it all the time. The dark side shows us these things-bloody wars, firefights, and the Dark Ages of the past (sometimes I believe the Queen Mary stage is worse, but that's just me). We cannot ignore it, no matter how we try. Sure we're afraid, but I love the down side of things because I'd rather know the truth.

Is being depressed a good thing? Certainly not. Is being happy all the time a good thing? In my opinion, no. I want to hear your reasons why one should always be happy or depressed, or even if you agree with me.

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