What my story really is?

May 5, 2010
By Anonymous

How we all have to be looked at and talked about. Why do we have such and unkindness with each other? Did we have to grow up and learn the truth about how are so unperfect world really works? Is it truly and in all honesty right to pass judgment among ourselves and to others?

Everyone walks around having something to say about someone else whether they know them or not. And that makes us answer the question that we never wanted to ask ourselves? Are we ever good enough and what does it take to be read the way I want people to read me? I know that everyone everywhere and anywhere no matter who they are is always read with out a doubt. It’s a cruel punishment that gets to us when we ourselves haven’t had the chance to tell our story. And some people see right past whom we really are and that really effects us mentally.

And because of all the judgment we past amongst ourselves just one person’s life can be ruined out of the many who are judged. Some will get past but one just one person cant and won’t ignore it and think of him or her self unworthy enough. Judgment can change a person’s life, but not for the good but for the bad of it. And that’s when the problem becomes a serious matter. And I myself think that is a terrible way to act with one another.

Sometimes judgment can be normal but I think overtime it just gets worst and worst and we all just take advantage of it. And the more and more we don’t pay attention to the problem, the more it affects the people in this world for the bad not the good. I picked this problem because I always feel like there is judgment always following me and catching me some how. I can admit at times my actions ask in a way to be judged but most times I get unfair judgment that I really do not deserve so that sometimes affects me.

But the main point is “what bothers me about this world”? So really my honest opinion is that judgment is always going to be there to follow you and be consumed around you. And I know for a fact that we aren’t going to ever live in this perfect world where everyone is nice and everything goes good. But we do have the chance to try and change they way we look, talk, and see each other. So the main point I’m try to explain out of this is that not to judge a person if you have not one clue about them and who they are but to give them a chance and let them give you a chance to tell their story.

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