May 5, 2010
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How many times have you and your family left the house to go do something fun together and you had to end up leaving town? Well, I know the feeling. In Jennings County we have no entertainment what so ever. If you want to do something fun you have to leave town. How much fun can that be? Not much at all.

If Jennings County had more entertainment, it would reduce the teen usage of drugs, and teens would get in too less trouble. I mean think about it. What are teens doing usually before they start doing drugs? Well if you don't know let me tell you, they are sitting on their couch watching TV or texting being bored. If we added more entertainment to our town maybe teens would be less bored and choose not to do drugs.

Also if we add more entertainment that would attract more people to our community, which would boost our economy and it also would get our name out there. The more people visit, the more money we raise, and that means more money we have to improve our city and its looks. We could improve our environment for animals and our well being.

This option of added more entertainment would also give more opportunities to give people jobs that need one. As a result the unemployment rate would decrease rapidly.

I would love to see entertainment for all ages. This would include a Rascals Fun Zone like the one in Whiteland, a bigger and better movie theater, a good bowling ally, and also maybe some hotels for those wanting to stay in Jennings County.

The next time you want to enjoy yourself with friends and family wouldn't it be nice to be able to stay in your hometown? Or what about being able to wake up and say whelp time to go to work? And just think about what our town would look like. Don't you want people to remember us? Well I sure do. So all ask from you is to consider adding entertainment to our community.

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