May 5, 2010
By Anonymous

“liars share with those they deceive
the desire not to be deceived”
Sissela Bok

Isn’t it funny how you think or at least hope you can trust someone, when of course that’s not always the case. Going through middle school, high school or any school there is always going to be someone that will betray you even if it’s the littlest amount of betrayal, its still betrayal. Honestly lying is just an everyday thing that everyone does whether you yourself know it or not. I myself can’t say that I’ve never lied and I never will, because that would be a lie as well.
Lies big or small are always being told. Sometimes, a lot of times, lies or lies hurt people in different ways. Although liar themselves except others not to lie to lie. This is a sad unfortunate event, but true. This happened to me and after my lesson was learned to trust no one.
In the 6th grade I was going to new school. I didn’t really know anyone because all of my real friends went to another school that the one I was now at. I’d seen some familiar faces but I still couldn’t put names to them. As the year started I became friends with one girl who kind of sort of new everyone. She was smart and seemed sweet and from the very beginning she made me feel comfortable with my new school. Soon over a few months we became inseparable. We literally went everywhere together.
One night I finally invited her over to my home. I never really liked people from school coming over to my house so I lied about where I lived and she would ,of course, that I lied every time. She was frustrated and hurt and eventually convinced me to invite her over. At my house she was sweet, polite, and quiet. It wasn’t too bad. My mom though got a very bad vibe off her and didn’t like her too much. I found that strange to hear because everyone loved her. I simply just ignored it, it didn’t matter anyways.
My friend was a well known thief and no one really messed with her. I heard this from other kids and I asked her but she’d always deny it. And seeing that she was my best friend I believed her… that same month, of February, she began to act different. Actually not really but I began to notice some things that were very suspicious about her. She seemed to be very aggressive and bossy towards many people. She even stole from stores every time her aunt stopped for gas. I caught her once and asked what she was doing. Obviously she told me it wasn’t stealing, but said that she was friends with the guy at the cashier and he was letting her get free stuff; we couldn’t show anyone else cause it wouldn’t be fair cause they have to pay and we got a discount. Then she stole me a starburst and oblivious to what she had just done, I took the candy. This continued on until the end of February, and would soon be worst.

On a Friday afternoon in March she finally got caught. I was outside waiting. She was held by the arm by the cashier guy who was looking for her mom. I quickly reacted and asked the guy what happened. Instead of telling me he asked for her mother. I gave a quick glance at my friend and she told to lie, well mouthed it anyways. I told the guy with sorry eyes that her mother had just died and she’s living by herself at the moment but she’ll soon be living with her aunt who is on her way here to pick her up. She must have been hungry and didn’t have money. I apologized for her behavior and paid for what she had stolen. The guy seemed to pity her but only the slightest bit. After everything was over my friend just took off and I hadn’t seen her again for about a week.
That Saturday, I got home early and I was all alone that afternoon. Sleeping on the couch I heard noises near by and I awoke… seconds later an entire gang of people broke into my house. I hid behind the couch and heard all the things they said and took. Then I suddenly hear the voice of ‘my best friend’… as the people began exiting through the windows they came from, my best friend looked at me. We stared at each other for a long second. Then she just left without turning back and wit my laptop.
A lie is a lie but I will never deceive someone the way she deceived me. Today my mother still doesn’t know who broke into the house. Her name still isn’t spoken of…I guess I’m a good liar just like every on else

“Anyone who claims to be good a lying is obviously bad at lying. Thus –as a writer myself- I cannot comment on whether or not writers are good exceptionally good liars, because whatever I said would actually mean its complete opposite.”

- Chuck Klosterman

The author's comments:
a lesson no one
it truley isnt worth the risk.

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