Cold Hearted

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

I couldn’t believe that this was happening right here and right now. And it was a Saturday. My mom and my brother were having the biggest and longest fight that they ever had. It was crazy and stupid because it was over studying.

It was a Saturday morning and my brother and I just finished our piano lessons. After that we went to rent some movies, but there were not any good movies to rent. There was not any movies named ‘AVATAR’ to rent, but we could buy the movie. So we bought it. We went home and the family was going to watch it, but my brother said that he wanted to study instead because we had a huge test next week. The whole movie was three hours and my brother studied for three hours. It was 3: 00pm and my dad had to go to work. My mom had to move her car so our dad could leave. When they got outside my brother went on the phone to call his girlfriend. I went to my room to go study. Then my mom came in and saw what my brother was doing. Then the trouble began.

She asked “What are you doing, oh no you have to go study.” My brother said that he said that he already studied for three hours and was going to call his girlfriend. My mom was still saying that he needs to study more even though he studied for a long time, and she said it in angry way. Then he said “why are you acting this way mama.” like always. Then they started screaming back and forth like a pack of wild monkeys. I tried to study but I could not. So I grabbed a chair and went to the bathroom. When I turned on the lights it made a sound that was loud enough to block the sounds of their screaming. I studied for about an hour until I started her the screams again. They were even louder than before and kept screaming. They were right outside the door. Then my mom came in the restroom to check if I was there. She looked at me with an ugly and scary face and then turned off the lights in the restroom. I was really scared and I could not handle listening to their screams. I wanted to leave the house. I was going to jump out the window in the restroom but I needed to get my shoes. I was already dressed and I got out of the restroom. I took a deep breath and I was going to get my shoes which was right next to my mom and my brother who still screaming. I was putting my shoes on when my mom asked “where are you going.” I said that I was going to ride my bike so I can study alone and I was trying not to cry. My mom said “Go to your room and go study.” in a very mean and scary voice. Then I exploded with tears for no apparent reason, My mom said “ah great now your crying.” with a kind of mocking voice. I kept crying and my brother said that I should go to my room with a calm voice. I finally went back to the restroom but I went into the shower and sat down. I kept crying for an hour and thirty minutes and then I stopped crying and my tears dried in my eyes. It burned my eyes for a while. While I was crying I said to myself that I could not handle this and that this isn’t the way a family should act and this was not a family. After a while my mom and brother stopped screaming and were actually looking for me. They finally found me and my mom told me to get off the floor in an angry voice. I didn’t move and my mom and brother got worried and picked me up to the bed. My mom asked me if I did anything to myself or if I took any pills. I said no. My mom said that she needs to rake the leaves in the backyard and told my brother to take care of me. He tried to get to stand up by putting hot sauce in my mouth. It worked and it was funny. He tried to make me laugh and he did. After a while a got back to my regular self and everything was back to normal.

This whole thing was mostly about that no matter what happens you should be ready for anything. And if anything should happen to you should forgive and forget.

The theme of this story was to prove that no matter what happens you should forgive and forgot. That you should be able to withstand anything. That you shouldn’t let anybody’s problem make you suffer.

The author's comments:
Because my teacher told me to.

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