Money and Greed

May 4, 2010
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Everyday scientists come up with a different idea to make life easier. Everyday they either fail or succeed at a new invention that was said to change the way man kind lived today. Everyday an innocent person dies from cancer that was caused by over exposure to radiation. Everyday a couple finds out that they or there partner are incapable of producing offspring.

Tuesday, March 30 1999, I got my first easy bake oven. I was so excited that they had come up with an oven that was safe enough for me to use, but what if that easy bake oven that was said to be safe wasn’t really that safe? What if that “safe” invention could actually kill you in the long run? What if it could cause you to develop some kind of cancer and or stop you from having children? What if? Well, it can. It’s all because of radiation.

The “average” American has a 25% to 30% chance of DYING from cancer caused by radiation. But what is the percentage of an “average” American getting an illness? Lionizing radiation is a proven human carcinogen (cancer causing agent). It can cause cancers such as Lung cancer, Skin cancer, Thyroid cancer, breast cancer & stomach cancer. The type of cancer matters on the area that was exposed. If radiation is this awful then why are scientist using it so often?

Scientists have known about radiation since 1896. The first microwave was invented in 1947. The first mobile phone was invented in 1973. Now, you can obviously see that scientist knew about radiation before these inventions were invented. What they didn’t know was the effect that the radiation given off by these products could harm humans. So why were scientist allowed to show these products to the government, and why was the government allowed these items to be sold to consumers if they had no idea how it would effect man kind. MONEY! GREED!

Sometimes for the money things aren’t always thought through. Sometimes you have to change or alter the things around you. Sometimes you have to spare a way of life. Sometimes you have to sacrifice time, energy, and childish acts. But you should NEVER, NEVER change, alter, spare, or sacrifice something that is not yours.

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