Shut Up!

May 4, 2010
By UllNeverKnow BRONZE, Houston, Texas
UllNeverKnow BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Shut up! No one wants to hear you! I don’t care if you’re having the biggest sale in history because it’s probably a lie, so I suggest you either find a new career or shut up. I don’t get how you think that I’m going to spend the money I have on your overly priced product, especially if you keep yelling at me, I don’t care how magical you think you’re product is, the truth is it’s probably a piece of junk with glitter on it to make it look nice and since you try to sell it for twice the amount it’s actually worth, that makes you a crook. What happened to being polite? To saying please and thank you? Did you have some kind of alien parents that didn’t think that any of that was important, well sorry but here on Earth we do like people who have good manners.
Your voice is obnoxious and annoying, you should at least know something about acting, but instead they just picked you out randomly and you like an idiot got up in front of the camera and started doing what you think is acting, in my opinion they should just fire you for being that obnoxious. If only your commercials were not so cheesy, if only you would yell something clever, if only you were better looking. You just seem to have no idea of how to sell a product; you shouldn’t call yourself a professional because all you are doing is yelling and last time I checked there was no careers for professional screamers.
People respond better to politeness rather than screaming, it’s a fact not an opinion, once you’re done yelling you should go look it up sometime. While you look that up you should go to a good therapist because what you have is most likely a psychological disorder that needs extreme measures. No one in their right mind thinks that yelling at people to spend their money on them will actually get them very far. Maybe in Mars, or whatever planet you’re from, they admire rudeness; perhaps they even believed that what you were selling did work, and that it was on sale, not just any sale but the biggest sale in the country, but we don’t, most of us probably despise you.
The thing is you need to stop. Try to create a more civilized way to sell us your over prized. I’m not saying you should stop your little commercials because I guess there are people out there who are stupid enough to fall for those tricks you set up, making your product look like a dream come true, just try to make them more realistic ones. You should try to follow some examples, like Toyota, Payless, and any major company. They have good ideas on commercials without sounding like total morons or yelling at anybody.
Yelling is bad! Stop doing it! You’re not going to get anywhere! So just stop. Hire someone with enough experience to do a nice commercial worthy of being broadcasted on television. This way people won’t have to turn their volumes down and miss whatever it is you’re saying because you’re too busy trying to impress the public trying to make yourself look professional and assertive. You will get so much further by doing thing the right way than just telling people to buy your product “TODAY!”

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