dear annie

May 4, 2010
By cookygirl888 SILVER, Glenwood Landing, New York
cookygirl888 SILVER, Glenwood Landing, New York
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Dear Annie,

Why do you say that about writers? I am a writer and I am only thirteen. I have no idea what love is, I do not travel, the only place I ever go to except for home is to Long Beach Island with my family for a week. Sure I can count that but it would be pretty boring if I only wrote about one place. When I write, I write to get out feelings that I can’t say to someone’s face out. I write to clear my mind of any drama or stressful thing that might have happened that day. Why do you pursue writers in that manor? We are not like that. We don’t need to be crushed a thousand times or left to know how it feels. We can imagine how it would be like and just write about how we imagine that event to be. I love the way my writing turns out because all you really need is imagination. We can just know background information about a place in the world and imagine what it must be like to be there and the experience you’d share if you were there. All writing really takes is an imagination and perception.



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