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May 9, 2010
By Wolfventures GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Pit Bulls have been around for many years. People started fighting them in Ancient Roman Times against bull or bears. Pit Bull fighting is a cruel fight. The fights are unbearable to watch or even think about for people with a soft spot for animals. There are other victims of Pit Bull fighting as well. There are many other cruel things done to Pit Bulls as well and a few cases against the handlers.

Since Ancient Roman times, Pit Bull fighting has been a popular sport and continued into the Mid Evil times in England. The dogs were fought against bulls or bears. In 1817 the Staffordshire bull terrier was developed and brought to America, causing modern dog fighting to form. Since then, dog fighting has been part of the American culture. In 1835, the English Parliament outlawed dog fighting in England. In 1860, dog fighting became illegal in most states, but continued to flourish as an American past time. Today, this sport is a felony in forty-eight states including the District of Columbia, but still secretly happens in underground pits. Although, the dogs are no longer fighting bulls or bears, the sport is still cruel.

If a dog loses the fight, it will be immediately killed by getting shot tin the head, or worse, tortured until they finally die. The trainers will steal pets from other people and use them as bait for the dog in training. When a fighting dog shows up at the shelter, it is immediately euthenized after the handler’s trial because they are too aggressive towards other people and animals to be pets. All this cruelty leads up to a long fight, good money for the winning handler, and a bad ending for the dog, win or lose.

The fights are commonly known as a blood sport. Fights go on until one dog retreats or dies of exhaustion. The fights last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. During the fight, the dogs will literally tear each other to shreds. It may seem that the dogs are the only victims of this cruel sport, but many uninvolved people are victims as well.

Children in high crime inner cities are regularly exposed to dig fighting and grow up believing the cruelty is normal. Police officers say they now have young children conducting their own dogfights. People who are uninvolved and against dog fighting are regularly exposed to the neglect and cruelty toward these animals. If a fighting dog gets loose, it could kill a small child or a beloved family pet. There are still many things about dog fighting and a few cases against the dogs’ handlers.

In the case of Ash V. State, Ash was convicted in a jury trial of engaging in dog fighting or keeping dogs for fighting, although, Ash was not present during the fight or raid. She did, however, know her husband fought dogs. She also new a structure was built in her yard including a pit in which the dogs fought. She denied knowledge of these things, but admitted to seeing no problem with dog fighting and that her twelve year old son attended them. She also admitted that she and her husband moved from California to Arkansas because dog fighting had become illegal in California. In State V. Scott, the defendant was charged and found guilty of animal fighting, and cruelty to the animals, and keeping unvaccinated dogs. The state presented evidence that Scott was training dogs for fighting on his property with a carousel and treadmill. When the dogs were taken from his property they had scars and wounds that were consistent dog fighting.

The breeds that are commonly used for fighting are the Bulldog breeds, foreign breeds such as the Argentine Dogo, Perrode Presa, Japanese Tossa, and some Mastiff breeds. Officials at the Unconditional Love Foundation say, “We get at least fifteen to twenty Pit Bulls a year that have obvious fighting scars. According to the Humane Society, there is an estimated forty thousand people involved in dog fighting nationally. Officials say, “dog fighting has become a pervasive poison” on June 1, 2009, the Humane Society raided two dogfights and seized forty-five dogs.

Most fighting dogs will die from blood loss, dehydration, exhaustion, infected wounds, and shock after a fight. During a fight, people will deal drugs, bet money on the dog they think will win, and some will brig illegal weapons.

When Pit Bulls were first developed, they were kind, gentle, and intelligent. They also got he nickname “Nurse’s Maid” because of there affection toward children, but their athleticism and inelegance soon attracted the wrong kind of dog owner; the fighters.

Some famous people who owned Pit Bulls were, Helen Keller who named her Pit Bull, Sir Thomas, Steve and Terri Irwin named their Pit Bull Sui, Rachel Ray named her Pit Bull Isaboo, Jesse James named his Pit Bull Cisco. All these things that fighters to do these dogs is cruel, and they should stop and think about what they’re doing to the dogs, and hopefully they’ll stop.

In the end, dog fighting is a cruel act on the handler’s part. They need to stop and ask themselves, if they were the dog, would they want to be forced to fight, when all they really want to do is please their master. I’m pretty sure all the dogs want to do is please these people, but tearing up another dog or getting killed really worth it? Why anyone wants to watch these dogs tear each other apart just to please their master, is beyond me. These dogs are dying for nothing. If the fighters would get there head out of the dog fighting world and take a second to look at the wounds on their dogs and how lonely they are, they might acutely stop fighting them. If dog fighting doesn’t stop, people will never see the nice, kind, gentle side of the se magnificent animals, they will just keep believing the stereo type that all Pit Bulls are evil and dangerous. Pit Bulls are not evil and dangerous. Some people also think fighting is what Pit Bulls were bred for. If you honestly think that, you’re wrong. No dog is bred for fighting, they’re bred to be companions, a family member, a best friend, and someone you know you can count on to be there when you’re upset. When little Pit Bulls come into the world, they are looking for love, kindness, happiness, and guidance, imagine them in the hands of a fighter. If given the chance a Pit Bull will show you how kind they can be. Please help stop Pit Bull fighting.

The author's comments:
As you can see, I'm absolutely against pit bull fighting. It's just plain CRUEL!

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