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May 7, 2010
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Wild Horse Rescue

Wild Horses should be protected against all types of danger, like hunting, killing for no reason and people that want them. Stats, endangered species and how the horses die.

The BLM, Bureau of Land Management, admits that 20 to 30 female horses, called mares, have miscarried since December 2009. The BLM also admits that the 2009 percent of dead horses are a little bit worse than 2008 percentage. In the 2010 roundup season, total of 205 horses died in the agency’s hands. What I think is that the wild horses should be catorgized as an endangered species.

The Untied States Department of Agriculture kills close to two million wild animals per year including wild horses. People will poison, shoot, trap, etc to get rid of the horses. Even endangered species, like the bald eagle, gets killed for no reason.

The horses get killed by helicopters when it comes to be roundup season. The horses get scared by all the noise from the helicopter and start to run from it. They run on weeds, uneven ground, rocks, water and lots of others. Some of the younger horses can’t keep up with the older horses and stop running and lie down and eventually die. The second way is by hunter and/or farmers. Hunters accidently shoot the horses because they don’t pay attention when they are out hunting. But the hunters should pay attention to what is around them. The farmers get mad at the horses when they run through their fields and ruin all of their crops. Mustangs, the wild horses, die from old age, diseases, predators like mountain lions, and other natural deaths.

The stats, should be listed as a endangered animal and how the horses die. The beautiful wild mustangs should be protected by everything and everybody. To me, I think the American Wild Mustang, known as the wild horse, should be the American symbol of America

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naturelover said...
May 15, 2010 at 2:27 pm
This is a good article, but it sort of has an angry tone to it.  Maybe you could work on getting the facts more next time instead of just stating your stance on the issue.  Perhaps you could watch the series of videos that Ken McNabb has about the BLM mustangs and let that influence you.  He just states the facts as the scene plays out behind him at a BLM range.  One of the things he mentions it that the helicopters only chase the horses at a trot.  He said that i... (more »)
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