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April 25, 2010
By Cupcakecutielol PLATINUM, Elkton,MD, Maryland
Cupcakecutielol PLATINUM, Elkton,MD, Maryland
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"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on." -Henry Ellis

You're not done when you loose you're done when you quit. You loose ur pride and diginity when u quit. You loose when you quit the play? What's the play? The play is your life? Who writes the script? Who decides cut from action, you! Who creates the scence's and everything that happens? , you! Who decides where and when the scence takes place? , you! Who creates the drama, you??? Our drama is i whirl pool. Everyone who is drawn to it keeps going in the same circles. The same thing happens again and again because you keep getting sucked into the middle, of the drama. If the same things keep happening why can't it be stopped? Every little desicion we make because of how we feel, it effects what happens next. Some times it's like we're stuck in a rip tide and the shore is just too far away. It seems the solution and the answers are too far away, and you cant quite reach them. You can't quite see through the water because it's to discolored. It's to thick, because so much is going on underneath it all. Though the funny thing is you know what you want, but for some reason you're held back from reaching it and you can't get out of the water to find out why. Hah, that's not funny at all though, is it? Maybe you can't reach the land because you can't be alone. You have to have people surrounding you. You have to have obstacles and have people with you to figure out the solutions because what would life be like if all the answers were just given to us? Some one has to have the answers... If everyone tried to be that person what would happen? What if everything was just there. Well it is there. You have to realize the most difficult things that you're surching for are hidden in the most obvious places, and ARE rigfht there. Go write "your" script.

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